This is just testing out a potential OC page template. I just thought it'd be fancier to link to a webpage instead of an image for a refsheet, lol.

Other's art


I don't take this seriously, but if it wasn't clear... Sparkler's redesign (the black unicorn) was named after and kind of looks like a counterpart to Rarity. (Nightmare Rarity was a coincidence.) I only have a unicorn fursona instead of something more obvious because of MLP... Hmm. I thought the idea was too "cringe" or I was "unworthy" in 2011-2012, but it's been over a decade and after all the awful shit I have witnessed from this fandom, I decided I 100% have the right to ship the MLP version with Rarity n_n

G3 Rarity is platonic, though.

The normal version doesn't have "options", but even if she did there's no point in mentioning it since I don't have any other OC pages coded yet.