• Name: Capy!!! n_n
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Teenager born in 1992
  • Favorite animal: *cough* rodents and ungulates
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Favorite food: Lobster, sushi, pizza
  • Favorite drink: Alcohol, soda
  • Favorite video game: Solatorobo
  • Favorite cartoon: Wander Over Yonder

I am literally if a rodent had a human skeleton.

I don't know what this is but it's "about page"-worthy

When I'm a funny capybara in a zoo enclosure, I'm big and have light brown fur. I'm cheeky to visitors and faculty (they love it). I rattle the bars sometimes because it's funny and I do things so people can notice, since the enclosure is farther off. I can get along with or tolerate most other animals. I hope some silly animals will get transferred here!!! It's so boring. Sometimes I do a trick where I open a can of beer with my teeth and drink it.

When I'm a silly little field mouse running around, I'm tiny and can squeeze in places. I sleep in flowers and collect berries. I might be covered in pollen... Achoo! I was light brown but who can tell since pollen and berry juice doesn't fully wash out (I take showers in the rain or bathe in the creek).

When I'm a big yucky sewer rat, I look like a mix between Templeton and the 80s Chuck E Cheese. I have a cartoon chain smoker voice and smell like cheap greasy pizza. When someone notices my yucky rat belly I just slap it and do a "HUH HUH HUH" laugh.

When I'm a mutated lab rat that tortures scientists in revenge, I'm albino but have a weird green glow and wear goggles. I'm human-sized and grew thumbs from the accidental mutation. I shrunk the scientists that tortured me and put them in a tiny cage to conduct experiments on.

When I'm a tiny hamster that sits in a shirt pocket and receives snacks, it's just that...not very interesting.

Site meta

I always wanted to have a website... I remember going online around late 90's. My mom has been an eBay seller since then and used to buy me imported Pokemon merch. When I had time I went on websites like Luna's Sanctuary and other Yoshi websites, but it was very, very slow due to dial-up. I stopped going online for a few years because my parents sold the computer, until I moved out of the city and got a new household computer when I was 10.

Then I would look at other people's personal websites on Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, etc. I browsed Slayers fansites, Pokemon sites like Dogasu's Backpack, art websites like Neondragonart, Yerf, I binge-read all of DMFA (at the time), and DeviantART. One Pokemon fansite I looked at had a referral link to Neopets, and that's where I never escaped. My oldest Neopet is 20!!!

(but I rarely play nowadays... Now I play Moderneo.)

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