This site is technically safe-for-work (no sexually explicit images) but not intended for minors. I can't force anyone to not browse, but it's not made with you or your safety in mind.

This is not social media. I'm not going to forbid ("DNI") anyone besides minors from solely looking at my pages. I will solely speak from my own perspective (unless stated otherwise), and while I don't go out of my way to purposely alienate viewers, I won't walk on eggshells to avoid offending either.


Welcome to a publicly viewable museum of my brain! I initially wanted to have an art gallery since there are currently not any adequate options for me, but now I mostly write about things that interest or amuse me. HARDMACHINE is an acquired taste...if you don't like it, acquire some taste. Just kidding, I have links out if this is a rabbit hole you want to crawl out of.

All code used is recycled in some way - feel free to borrow/copy♡ any assets you want, reuse/repurpose any topics I've written about, or reference/draw inspiration from any art shared. (Just don't hotlink or use any original/non-fan art.) Most pages are relatively mobile responsive, but some pages look better on desktop. I avoid using imagery that might trigger epilepsy, but some gif and blinkies used on pages may have light flashing. I also require Javascript for galleries and other effects.

Psst! Hey! Did you know that mascots aren't actually costumes? Pst! Hey! Get off your phone and stop doomscrolling!


12/8/2023 - Index page layout redone.
12/7/2023 - Art added, index tweaked.
11/30/2023 - Shrine layout changed. Too busy to do anything else cool...
11/24/2023 - New rune added.
11/19/2023 - Button wall added.
11/17/2023 - Shrine updated.
11/15/2023 - Engage thoughts finally finished, shrine added.
11/7/2023 - Alternate button added.
10/26/2023 - Journal added.
10/14/2023 - About page redone.
10/11/2023 - Major update to Fae Shrine.
9/30/2023 - New rune added.

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I'm Gen Lissa
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