Last (major) update:
3/19/2023 -
Art added to Sparkler's page

Past updates (last month):

3/18/2023 - Neocities profile turned off. This isn't Twitter 2, kids. I want to make minor edits and possible Easter egg pages without nosy people automatically seeing.

3/17/2023 - three runes updated, minor tweaks

This site is technically safe-for-work (no sexually explicit images - yet?) but not intended for minors.
I can't force anyone to not browse, but it's not made with you or your safety in mind.

This site is mostly a space for an autism creachur (me) to be myself! n_n

To-Do List

  • Look into mobile responsive images?
  • Adjust/fix mini shrines layout...
  • Take photos for mini shrine
  • Draft secret shrines #1 and #2
  • Code OC page(s?)
  • Code more art galleries
  • Write more Runes

Site created on 9/14/2022.